Mr Yums Video

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Mr Yums Video

Finally got around to putting up the documentation for Mr.Yums Inc. mostly shot by me with some help from Branden Rush.

Prototype prototypes prototypes…



So I have been doing a lousy job of updating this here blog but I did redesign the site and have been working hard on a slew of new projects including Word Wizard an endless spelling game for mobile which is pictured above. I am also working on a new card game, a hybrid dice battling game, a game installation with my pal Sam Sheffield and a research project about the history of hybrid games ( here is a sneak peak of that ). More updates to come of the other projects as I try to get back into the swing of updating the site.


Urban Games Factory Project


In a few days I am off to Milan for a two week game design project/camp/workshop with my friends from Focus C0-op . Earlier this year, Augusto & Matteo  received a grant to produce a live action game in a former office space in Milan. I have been working with them to help design the game and a workshop where we will be joined by a team of designers, actors and game designers who will help build out the project. It should be a lot of work and fun.

Strong Research Fellowship


For the next two weeks, I am on a research fellowship at the Strong National Museum of Play studying the history of early analog/digital hybrid games. I am interested in early games that use logic circuits as part of their core mechanics without relying on a separate electronic display for game play.

This comes out of my interest in creating social games that take the best parts of tabletop and digital games. The museum is a pretty amazing place and I am lucky to have the support of an amazing staff of archivists and curators.

Happy New Year !

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Happy New Year !


Its a brand new year and things are going quite well here in Charm City…Lords & Ladies is going to be published on a really great publisher Gryphon Games! They have put out some really great games by some of my favorite game designers like: Reiner Knizia , Bruno Faidutti, Alan R. Moon, Matt Leacock and many others.

We are going to be able to get the game out into more store, use wooden parts for the coins, pawns and round marker and make a much nicer game. We are excited to say the least and it is a great start to the new year.